Incoterms and Letters of Credit Training Courses

Point-to point Export Services are experts in the preparation of all types of export documentation. We offer staff training courses in specific areas of this function, including Incoterms 2010 (International Commercial Terms) and Letters of Credit.

The 11 Incoterms are:-

  • EXW - Ex Works
  • FCA - Free Carrier
  • FAS - Free Alongside Ship
  • FOB - Free On Board
  • CFR - Cost and Freight
  • CIf - Cost, Insurance and Freight
  • CPT - Carriage Paid To
  • CIP - Carriage and Insurance Paid To
  • DAT (Delivered at Terminal)
  • DAP (Delivered at Place)
  • DDP (Delivered Duty paid)

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) issued the new Incoterms 2010 which have been in use from 1st January 2011. Instead of 13 Incoterms there are 11. The main changes are in the delivery terms, where instead of DAF (Delivered at Frontier), DES (Delivered Ex-Ship), DEQ (Delivered Ex-Quay), DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) and DDP (Delivered Duty paid) there will now be only 3 Incoterms, all of which can be used with any mode of transport:

All the other Incoterms remain.

  • Understanding Incoterms 2010

This course provides a thorough working understanding of how Incoterms are used to define the buyers' and sellers' obligations, including determining what is included in the selling price and defining shipment responsibilities. The 11 individual 2010 Incoterms are fully explained, from EXW (Ex-Works) to DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) and we help you select the right Incoterm for your consignment. Other areas covered include marine insurance considerations and VAT implications.

  • Letters of credit training

In this course staff learn to identify the documents and procedures essential to Letters of Credit presentation resulting in swift payment for the goods exported.

The workshop analyses a Letter of Credit held by your company and looks at:

  • The factors influencing the documents required such as the nature of the goods and their value, the country of import, respective customs formalities
  • Identifying the documents required such as invoices, shipping documents and packing lists
  • Procedures for completing all necessary documentation to enable them to be presented correctly.

Our training workshops take place on your premises and take your staff through the specific aspects of export documentation relevant to your company's products, procedures and overseas markets. Because the emphasis is always on relating theory to company practice, fresh skills can be rapidly assimilated and put into practice. This makes Point-to-Point training particularly useful in keeping your company's export procedures in line with best practice and in briefing staff on new market requirements.

Designed not to intrude significantly into the working day, Point-to-Point training is delivered in sessions lasting no more than two to three hours, although actual duration is entirely dependent on your requirements. On completion, a free telephone helpline is available to delegates for a pre-defined period.

  • Export Document Services

In addition to, or instead of, training we can reliably and expertly complete all types of export documentation on behalf of your company ensuring your shipments are completed on time and that you are paid promptly. Point-to-Point specialises in the management of export documentation for companies newly expanding into overseas markets, or those wishing to streamline an existing export function.  We tailor our work to your requirements, continually striving at all times to maintain the cost effectiveness of our service.  We can quote for each job individually, allowing you to control and manage your costs.  To find out more about how Point-to-Point Export Services can assist with your export procedures, or for further information about our workshops, contact us by phone: 0118 9323830 or Email:

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